Welcome to the Peer Tutoring Program at Albright College!

 The Academic Learning and Writing Centers staffs are excited to apply for CRLA certification. We have had a busy four months, and we accomplished a great deal in a short time. Prior to the 2009-2010 school year, the peer tutoring program was unstructured, unsupervised and untrained; however, in one semester we managed to develop a tutor training program. Now, our peer tutoring program is structured, highly supervised, and we offer a variety of training opportunities for all tutors in the Peer Tutoring Program, whether working as an individual tutor, office hours tutor or study group leader. We look forward to sharing our learning experiences with CRLA, and we hope our hard work and dedication will allow us to be a part of the CRLA community.
ALC Tutor Managers (Kaitlin Zeigenfuse '11, Justin Mogilski '11 Elizabeth Clark '10) with President McMillian, Dean Evans and Dean Thomas

"The ALC staff has done a wonderful job answering any questions and addressing any concerns I may have had. I certainly feel able to come to the staff with any problems I'm facing for advice or guidance." -Math Tutor

"Both the training and support was fantastic! As a new tutor, the staff was especially helpful. The training sessions helped prepare me to help others. The ALC staff was also there to answer questions about procedures and to give advice on individual situations. My tutoring experience would have been more stressful without their support." -Economics Tutor

"The training program was very interesting, and I think it will benefit all of the tutors." -Science Tutor

"The training helped me learn more techniques on how to communicate more effectively with my tutees. I find myself using these techniques more. I also found the foreign languages workshops to be extremely helpful." -Spanish Tutor

"The training and support in the ALC has gone from nothing to plenty. I appreciate this in many ways, and I hope that it continues. It is incredible how much goes into teaching people. I am really grateful for the chance to look at some of these finer points and seek to apply them in my tutoring." -Math Tutor

"I learned a great deal from the tutor training sessions, and I feel more like a well-rounded tutor." -Psychology Tutor

"Training has effectively prepared me to tutor to the best of my ability. It opened my eyes to different aspects of tutoring I had not realized before such as learning styles and learning disabilities. I have received good support from the ALC; the ALC has let me know that if I need help or advice I can always ask them." -Science Tutor